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Red Lights Camera Tickets - Something Consumers Should Know Staff Writer

Friday, March 27, 2009

Red Lights Camera Tickets - Something Consumers Should Know
Photo Tickets Not What they Seem

Most people in southern California and in other metropolitan areas have either gotten a "red light camera" ticket or they know someone who has. Still others wait for weeks, worried about whether they will get a ticket or not because they saw the "double flash" after passing through a red-light camera intersection. The best way to avoid a ticket in the first place is to obey the law and stop in time for the red light.

However, those that feel that they have been wrongly accused by the system have a friend in a consumer crusader, who is not a lawyer or in law enforcement. He offers tips and information on his web site about how you can fight red light camera tickets. The first thing every recipient of a so-called red-light camera ticket should do is determine whether or not it’s really from the court. Aren’t all violation notices from the court? No!

Perhaps you have heard of red light camera tickets being thrown out because the driver could not be identified. That may not be completely true. There is a kind of ticket called a "nomination ticket" which is actually a high-pressure request to the registered owner of the vehicle to snitch off the responsible driver so the city can prosecute. This happens especially when the registered owner's name is, say "Gilligan" and the driver looks more like Ginger; or if the owner is a rent-a-car agency.
Instead of tossing that potential revenue away, the red light agency sends out the "snitch ticket" hoping to find out the name of the driver. There does not appear to be any legal requirement to give up the true name of the car's driver, though many tricks and threats are used to obtain the responsible party's information.
So how do you tell if your ticket is court-issued or if it's one of these phishing tickets? Here are the hallmarks of the real and fake tickets.

Court-Issued TicketSnitch Ticket
Says "Notice to Appear"Rarely says "Notice to Appear"
Has court contact info Says "Do not contact the court"
May have incomplete contact infoContact info does not reach court
Citation number may be listed on websiteCitation number will never be listed
Asks for the name of the driverAsks for the name of the driver

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