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Court upholds sentence for wife who pushed husband off cliff

Friday, November 20, 2015, 5:26 pm

An appeals court has upheld the 30-year prison sentence for a woman who admitted to pushing her husband to his death off a cliff in Glacier National Park in July 2013, just days after they married.

Thu, Jul 13, 5:08 pm

Man trapped in ATM slips handwritten "please help" notes through receipt slot

An ATM in Corpus Christi, Texas, was dispensing more than money Wednesday afternoon. After co

Thu, Jul 13, 5:06 pm

Human Remains Found on Pennsylvania Farm Include Body of One of 4 Missing Men

Several family members of four young men missing since last week waited grimly Monday afterno

Wed, Jul 12, 1:54 pm

Amazon Prime Day breaks record; sales grew by more than 60 percent

This year’s edition of Amazon’s “Prime Day” promotion generated the biggest shopping day in t

Wed, Jul 12, 1:51 pm

China establishes first overseas military base and sends troops to Djibouti

China has dispatched troops to Djibouti in advance of formally establishing the country's fir

Tue, Jul 11, 7:22 pm

Good Samaritans form human chain to rescue swimmers caught in rip current off Florida coast

Derek Simmons, 26, and his wife, Jessica Simmons, 29, came up with the idea to start the chai

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