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Holly Roark

Roark Law Offices

"Because YOU Deserve A FRESH START!"

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1875 Century Park East  Suite 600
Century City , CA 90067
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: Generally 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. M through F, but very flexible times by appt.

333 S. Grand Ave., 25th Floor  
Los Angeles , CA 90071
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: By appointment.

1500 Rosecrans Ave.  Suite 500
Manhattan Beach , CA 90266
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: By appointment.

790 East Colorado Blvd., 9th Floor  
Pasadena , CA 91101
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: By appointment.

21550 Oxnard Street, 3rd Floor  
Woodland Hills , CA 91367
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: By appointment.

One World Trade Center, 8th Floor  
Long Beach , CA 90831
Phone: (310) 553-2600
Fax: (310) 553-2601

Office Hours: By appointment.



Firm Size: 1
Firm Established: 2009

Firm Profile:
Roark Law Offices is located in the Century City area of Los Angeles and has satellite offices throughout southern California. Holly Roark is a CERTIFIED BANKRUPTCY SPECIALIST, certified by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization, and represents debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases throughout the Central District of California which includes Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, and Santa Barbara County.

Why Holly Roark?
1) When I was 13, my family of six lost its home to foreclosure. I know how it feels when life is not fair. Having experienced the same thing when I was young has helped make me into a stronger more passionate attorney.

2) I ONLY practice Bankruptcy, and will soon be a certified specialist with the State Bar of California

3) I believe in Quality of Service over Quantity. It is the quality of my work that helps my clients, not the quantity.

4) I know how banks think and operate. I was formerly an attorney for the them. If you don’t know your rights, they WILL take advantage of you.

The Steps of Bankruptcy
- Free Initial Consultation
- Preparation
- Pre-Filing Credit Counseling
- Bankruptcy Filing
- Meeting with Bankruptcy Trustee
- Post-Filing Financial Management Course
- Reaffirmation of Car Loan
- Bankruptcy Discharge of Debt

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Holly  Roark  (Senior Partner)

Hourly Rate: Discount for Bill Handel Listeners
Date Joined Firm:  1/1/2009

Unique Qualification:
When I was 13, my family of six lost its home to foreclosure. I know how it feels when life’s not fair. Now as a lawyer, I am committed to helping people even the score, save their homes, fend off bill collectors, and put money back in their pockets by strategically using the tools available under the Bankruptcy Code.

I guarantee you EXPERTISE, QUALITY, and COMMITMENT to personal service and justice.

Bankruptcy is a very intricate and complex area of law, and your case should be handled by someone who devotes all of their attention to this area. I SPECIALIZE in Bankruptcy Law EXCLUSIVELY. Your case is very important. You need someone who just does bankruptcy, and does it well. Think about it this way, if your sink was clogged you would call a plumber, not someone who does a little plumbing on the side in addition to a variety of other things. It pays to hire an EXPERT.

I am committed to obtaining maximum results allowable under the law for each of my clients by using creative solutions, my knowledge and experience, and my relationships in the field. I believe in quality over quantity, and maintain my cases with the highest level of care.

Relationships matter. I am committed to helping each client realize their goals, and one of the ways to understanding my clients’ goals is by getting to know each client personally, and by nurturing that relationship. I have also had a life-long commitment to justice and fairness, and I want to see my clients succeed.

Federal Admission: Yes

State Bar Admission: CA 2004;ID 2005

Education: J.D. , Southwestern Law School, 2004
Other Education: UCLA
, Los Angeles, California Year Graduated: 1997 Major: Socio-cultural anthropology

Practice Areas: Bankruptcy

Brief Biography:
Born December 22, 1968, Santa Rosa, California
Comes from a working class background.
Loves Ethiopian food on Fairfax in L.A., back-to-back episodes of Law & Order, and her mini-dachshund, Molly Cupcake Mahoney.

 Notable Cases:
Paul K.: 2:11-bk-28630-BR, 2:11-ap-02482-BR, 2:11-ap-02483-BR
Area of Law: Bankruptcy

Case Date: 08/25/2011

State Filed: California

Settlement: $140,000 in back taxes discharged

Settlement Amount: 140,000

Client came to me with several years of back taxes owed to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board (approx. $150,000 owed). He was told by three other attorneys he could not discharge these taxes in bankruptcy. I was able to obtain stipulations from both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board that nearly $140,000 of the approximately $150,000 owed were dischargeable in bankruptcy. Client got a new lease on life when he got his discharge. He had been resigned to the fact that he'd be stuck with the taxes for life but I showed him that wasn't the case!

-Holly Roark
Area of Law: Credit/Collections

Case Date: 06/01/2012

State Filed: California

Settlement: Confidential - five figures in credit card charges waived

Client came to me complaining of harassment from a collection agency. We filed a lawsuit against the collection agency for violation of several collection laws. The collection agency agreed to waive five figures of credit card charges in exchange for a release of liability.

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