Attorney Agreement & Disclaimer

Attorney Agreement & Disclaimer

General Disclaimer

The website acts as a venue between attorneys and potential clients seeking legal services., LLC is not involved in, and will not be responsible for, any actual transactions between attorneys and clients or potential clients or other users of this site. Accordingly, it has no control over the quality, reliability, financial solvency, truthfulness or true identity of any users of this site or their related, LLC makes no guarantees as to the effectiveness of this venue and in no way assures that any referrals or potential clients will be forthcoming.

No Attorney-Client Relationship

The use of this site does not create any attorney-client relationship between, LLC, and potential clients, nor shall any information posted to this site be considered privileged in accordance with such relationships.


Attorneys using this site hereby agree to handle and resolve any disputes between themselves and clients or potential clients and further agree to indemnify, LLC and hold it blameless for any such disputes that may arise by virtue of the use of this site.All users of this site in any capacity agree to indemnify, defend and hold, LLC, its partners, associates, agents, employees, subcontractors, successors, assigns, or any affiliated parties harmless from any liability, loss, claim and expense related to your use of this, LLC and all affiliated parties, shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss, injury, claim, liability, or damage of any kind resulting in any way from the use of this site, including, but not limited to any errors in or omissions from the site, information obtained from this site, the unavailability or interruption of this site or false information provided to the site.

Registered Attorney Obligations & Warranties

No attorney shall at any time represent that, LLC specifically endorses his or her services unless given explicit permission to do so. Any attorney registered with the website or applying to be associated with the site for the purpose of obtaining potential legal clients shall hereby agree to and/or warrant all of the following: Attorney is currently licensed to practice law in their state of practice and is in good standing with their respective bar organization. Attorney is currently in the full-time practice of law as defined by their respective state of practice and/or bar organization. Those attorneys with liability insurance are shown on the website as having insurance coverage, otherwise the attorney does not have coverage. Attorney shall notify, LLC if existing liability insurance is cancelled, substantially changed or if he or she has been given notice of such pending changes in status. Attorney will notify, LLC if insurance is obtained. Such notification shall be in writing and sent by signature-required certified mail to, LLC, 3727 West Magnolia Blvd., Box 826, Burbank, CA 91510.If an attorney elects to state on his profile that he has valid malpractice insurance, that attorney further agrees that he or she shall not solicit or respond to any e-mails requesting legal assistance that may be received through if he or she has knowledge that their malpractice/professional liability insurance will expire within two (2) months, is about to be cancelled, or if the attorney is late in paying any insurance premiums. Alternatively, that attorney may elect to alter his online profile to reflect that he does not have malpractice insurance in effect. Attorney shall advise LLC of any pending or actual criminal charges filed against the attorney since registering on the site. Attorney shall advise, LLC of any pending or current discipline by any state bar organization that could potentially result in either suspension or disbarment. Attorney shall not use the website or related services in any manner that would be inconsistent with the rules and regulations of his or her respective state bar or licensing organization.

Registered Attorney Acknowledgements

Furthermore, any attorney presently approved and registered with or submitting a profile to be approved for listing on this site for the purpose of obtaining potential legal clients hereby agrees to, understands, and acknowledges the following: A limited number of attorneys shall be enrolled for the services of this site. Such limited enrollments shall be determined in part by geographical areas of practice as well as the legal specialties of the enrollees. The choice of which attorneys are ultimately accepted for enrollment is within the complete and total discretion of, LLC. Enrollment and/or membership in the website may be terminated by, LLC at any time for any does not guarantee that you will be listed under any particular legal specialty or “category” that you indicate or apply for in your initial application. While registering or enrolling by filling out a profile and submitting it for review with this site is free, such action shall not in any way guarantee you an actual listing on it. Attorneys shall be listed in each legal practice category and geographical region according to a bidding system in Los Angeles of attorneys will be listed in each category and location every quarter. Specific attorney listings shall be determined by those willing to bid the greatest financial amounts in order to secure such listings. Details on the bidding procedure shall be provided to attorneys after their initial enrollment with the, LLC is not responsible for unforeseen mechanical/technical errors or failings which may occur during the bidding, “or standard placement” process. Once a completed profile is received and approved, the attorney may then log on to to view costs associated the listing, LLC reserves the right to change the overall number of attorneys listed as well as any pricing structures, methods, or amounts for each subsequent quarter as it sees fit, and shall communicate any new terms to enrolled attorneys seeking listings on the site.Any past enrollment or membership with the website shall not guarantee you continued enrollment, membership or association with this site. When listed on this site, in addition to receiving communication from potential clients via US mail and/or telephone, the attorney may receive e-mails via, LLC via their website at, alerting them to the existence of potential clients in need of legal assistance. Attorney applicants shall only receive referrals for those specialties for which they are registered.All Attorney applicants shall hereby agree not to transfer their received cases to an attorney whether a part of their firm or not, without written permission from, LLC. Attorney applicants hereby understand that, LLC earns its fees from attorneys registered with it and that a loss of income will occur if he or she takes cases received through its site and in turn transfers such cases to a separate attorney. All attorney applicants shall fax a copy of their certificate of insurance to (818)907-7146 for those who state they have coverage. Attorney applicants and current participants hereby authorize their respective insurance carriers to provide written proof of coverage upon request by, LLC. Attorney applicants and hereby understand that this application is continuing and shall report by signature-required certified mail, any future occurrences which may materially alter the accuracy of the information that they have provided, LLC shall have the right to independently verify any information submitted to us by applicant attorneys including verification of malpractice insurance, state bar affiliations and/or disciplinary records. Attorney applicants shall have the obligation to ensure that any information they submit for listing on the website is accurate., LLC shall not be responsible for any information conveyed to it that is in error.

Registration and User Information/Privacy

Attorney applicants hereby understand that, LLC may share or disclose to third-parties any information collected about them through registrations, applications, or any other means in order to help facilitate attorney registrations, communications with potential clients, maintenance of the operations for this site, or any other purpose in conformity with appropriate laws.


All agreements and disclaimers relating to this site shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of California, USA. Disputes arising hereunder shall be exclusively subject to the jurisdiction of the federal courts and/or state courts that are located within the venue of Los Angeles County, California.

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