Bankruptcy Law Case

Bankruptcy Law Case

Paul K.: 2:11-bk-28630-BR, 2:11-ap-02482-BR, 2:11-ap-02483-BR

Attorney:  Attorney Holly Roark

Area of Law: Bankruptcy

Date: 08/25/2011

State Filed: California

Settlement: $140,000 in back taxes discharged

Settlement Amount: 140,000

Client came to me with several years of back taxes owed to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board (approx. $150,000 owed). He was told by three other attorneys he could not discharge these taxes in bankruptcy. I was able to obtain stipulations from both the IRS and the Franchise Tax Board that nearly $140,000 of the approximately $150,000 owed were dischargeable in bankruptcy. Client got a new lease on life when he got his discharge. He had been resigned to the fact that he’d be stuck with the taxes for life but I showed him that wasn’t the case!

-Holly Roark