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Southern California Gas Company Methane Leak in So. Cal

Los Angeles prosecutors have filed criminal charges against Southern California Gas Company for a continuous massive leak of 128,000 pounds of methane per hour in California’s San Fernando Valley. The 4 misdemeanors accuse the Company of failing to report the release of hazardous materials and discharging air contaminants. The methane leak, which began on October […]

Texas Sues the EPA Again

In October 2015, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued new guidelines for ozone pollution limits from 75 parts per billion to 70 parts per billion; therefore, Texas sued the EPA for the 23rd time since early 2008. High ozone pollution harms the most vulnerable people: children; the elderly; and sufferers of heart and lung ailments. […]

Do Solar Farms Suck Up The Sun?

According to scientists, the Earth intercepts more than 10,000 times the amount of solar energy needed for our present worldwide power consumption. That abundant, renewable, non-polluting power source is increasingly used by the United States and other nations intent on reducing greenhouse gases. Some American towns missed the memo. Woodland, North Carolina’s town council, for […]

California’s Greenhouse Gas Cuts

In late April 2015, California’s Governor Jerry Brown issued an executive order for the nation’s toughest greenhouse gas emissions standards. The new standards call for cutting gas emission 40% below 1990 levels by 2030. These new standards mirror European Union standards for a 40% reduction by 2030. Even California’s old emissions standards exceeded federal targets […]