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Bankruptcy Law Case

Paul K.: 2:11-bk-28630-BR, 2:11-ap-02482-BR, 2:11-ap-02483-BR Attorney:  Attorney Holly Roark Area of Law: Bankruptcy Date: 08/25/2011 State Filed: California Settlement: $140,000 in back taxes discharged Settlement Amount: 140,000 Client came to me with several years of back taxes owed to the IRS and Franchise Tax Board (approx. $150,000 owed). He was told by three other attorneys he could not discharge these […]

Chapter 7 Individual Client Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 Individual Client Bankruptcy Attorney:  Attorney Dheeraj K Singhal Area of Law: Bankruptcy Date: 08/01/2012 State Filed: California Settlement: Settlement Plan A client came to us, in his late 50s, because he was fed up with the constant harassment from his creditors. Day and night, the creditors would call him. At home. At work. They even got numbers […]

Chapter 13 Individual Client Bankruptcy

Chapter 13 Individual Client Bankruptcy Attorney:  Attorney Dheeraj K Singhal Area of Law: Bankruptcy Date: 06/01/2012 State Filed: California Settlement: Debt Wiped Out Husband and wife came to us on eve of foreclosure on their home. They had tried several loan modifications, to no avail. Bank kept saying that they would continue the foreclosure, but they didn’t. The day […]

R.I.P. Radio Shack

It’s the end of an era. RadioShack, the consumer electronics chain founded in 1921 and once a knowledgeable resource for home electronics, filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection in late February, will sell 1,500 – 2,400 of its stores to an investment firm called Standard General, and will close its remaining 4,000 stores in the […]

Detroit Bankruptcy VS San Bernardino Bankruptcy

The bankruptcies of Detroit, MI and San Bernardino, CA are progressing at such differing speeds that the San Bernardino firefighters’ union lawyer supposedly stated, “The difference is, one case is alive and one case is dead.” Detroit’s bankruptcy has the dubious honor of being the nation’s largest, fastest bankruptcy while San Bernardino has been accused […]

Did GM Commit Bankruptcy Fraud?

The FBI and federal prosecutors based in New York City are reportedly investigating General Motors’ bankruptcy to see whether GM committed bankruptcy fraud by knowing of an auto defect that could result in significant liability and failing to adequately disclose the problem to authorities and consumers when the company filed for bankruptcy relief in 2009. […]

Personal Bankruptcy

Personal Bankruptcy is a form of debt relief that is distinct from Corporate Bankruptcy. Most of the world’s legal systems allow an individual to achieve at least one kind of debt relief. In the United States, that debt relief is governed by federal and state laws. In order to file for debt relief in bankruptcy […]

What are the Steps of Bankruptcy?

In my experience, working with federal courts is like riding an air conditioned monorail: cool and smooth. They will tell you what they want and you’ll know what to expect, depending on whether you deliver what they want. I love those guys! This certainly holds true for Bankruptcy, which under federal jurisdiction, though state laws […]