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Too Big To Jail

At a November 2014 Senate Banking Committee hearing, the Federal Reserve was finally taken to task for shielding big banks from criminal prosecution as a matter of policy. November 21, 2014 marked the first time the policy was specifically admitted. Rumors had circulated that government authorities were exceptionally lenient on big banks and their officers […]

Investigating Banks Manipulating Foreign Currency

As of November 2014, the U. S. Department of Justice (DOJ), along with other civil authorities and foreign regulators, is investigating multiple banks for possible manipulation of foreign exchange rate to their own advantage. Within the past several months, banks and regulators have announced the investigations of Bank of America, JP Morgan Chase & Co. […]

Going and Coming Issue Relating to Business Owners Liability

A recent case, Fields vs. State of California, discussed the “going and coming” rule as it relates to an employer’s responsibility/liability for the negligent driving of its employee. As one may know, when an employee is commuting to and from work, and gets in an accident, the employer is not responsible for that employee’s negligence. […]

AT&T Mobility Throttles Customers

For A&T Mobility customers, there’s “unlimited” and then there’s “unlimited.” However, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) says “Unlimited equals unlimited,” so the agency filed suit AT&T Mobility, LLC in late October 2014 for violations of the FTC Act. According to the FTC, AT&T offered “unlimited” data plans to customers, charged them for the privilege, changed […]

Red Cross and Questionable Disaster Response

Few brands are stronger than that of the American Red Cross. For decades, the Red Cross has been an overarching symbol of disaster relief, readily receiving endorsements from government officials and celebrities and $billions from Americans. However, internal and external assessments of the American Red Cross’ response to Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Isaac are disturbing. […]