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Firing An Employee

The decision to fire an employee can be a tough one and as with most business decisions, a policy should be generically planned long before the employer is confronted with this sometimes unpleasant task. One widely used modern euphemism for employee firing is “employee separation,” which is more genteel yet exquisitely accurate: a fired employee […]

What Is A Hedge Fund?

A “Hedge Fund” is a way of pooling investments that dynamically uses numerous strategies domestically and globally to generate high investment returns. It is somewhat similar to a mutual fund in that it pools assets and is professionally managed; however, it is unlike a mutual fund in many ways. First, Hedge Funds cater to ultra-rich […]

Special Considerations For Business Contracts

Business people create contracts frequently and sometimes unwittingly through a conversation, an e-mail, some communication in which promises are made to pay something or to do something. Many of those contracts are minor but some can involve major issues that do not necessarily occur to the contracting parties. Consequently, businesspersons should keep some issues in […]

What Is An IPO?

An Initial Public Offering (IPO) is a private company’s first public sale of stock, designed to raise capital by the sale of stock and/or to “go public.” An IPO is merely one method of raising capital and the decision of whether to use an IPO is based on many success factors. One factor is the […]


The Georgia legislature and constitution prohibit contracts or agreements in general restraint of trade (Const. 1976, Art III., Par. VIII, Code Ann. S 2-1409). However, a covenant not compete is enforceable in Georgia when the proper steps are followed. The Georgia courts review restrictive covenants under three levels of scrutiny: strict scrutiny, which applies to […]