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Wealthy Client Divorces Wife with Prenuptual Agreement

Wealthy Client Divorces Wife with Prenuptual Agreement Attorney:  Attorney Peter Allen Hands Area of Law: Divorce Date: 01/01/2000 State Filed: California Settlement: Still in Process Warren was a very wealthly man. Carol (my client) married Warren in 1990 and she signed a prenuptual agreement that said if she was marriied 5 years she got $50,000.00 and if she was […]

Divorce Rate Dropping

Ask just about any American how many divorces end in divorce and you will probably hear: “50%.” That figure has been common knowledge for decades; however, that figure is and has been incorrect for decades. In fact, the divorce rate is evidently declining. The divorce rate crested during the 1970s and 1980s, when 35% of […]

Disclosure Statements Pre-Divorce

One of the most important reasons for consulting an attorney is the constant evolution of law. One way it which it involves is through court decisions on issues of “first impression.” An issue of “first impression” is one that has not previously been decided by a court; therefore, the first court to address the issue […]


Introduction When you first learn that you’re being divorced, it may be a long-expected event or it may come as a complete surprise. Either way, there are certain steps you should take to protect yourself, your children and your finances. This does not mean stripping the family home and bank accounts bare. You should, however, […]