Combatting Sexual Assult

Combatting Sexual AssultAccording to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS):
– Each year, there are approximately 293,066 victims (age 12 or older) of rape and sexual assault (1 every 107 seconds);
– 82% of sexual assaults were committed by a non-stranger;
– 47% of rapists are friends or acquaintances of the victims;
– 25% of rapists are intimate partners of the victims; and
– 5% of rapists are relatives of the victims.

How can America as a culture counter these disturbing statistics?

Some groups are acting to combat the epidemic of sexual assault in America. One program, called “The Green Dot,” proposes high school implementation of violence prevention training into the curriculum. The Green Dot has enjoyed some success: a CDC-funded study found a 50% reduction in sexual violence in schools implementing Green Dot. The program educates and certifies instructors sent from participating high schools, who then work “The Green Dot” program into their schools curricula. The instructors can obtain their training and certification in one of two ways: they can attend a 4-day Green Dot etc. Institute, held 2 – 3 times per year; or an organization, military installation, university, consortium, high school or coalition can bring a Green Dot etc. training to their community to conduct the 4-day training on-site. Further information can be accessed here:

Another measure combatting sexual violence is “Bringing in the Bystander,” for example, through an online program called “Every Choice.” There are several such programs but this one focuses on teaching college students bystander intervention skills. Bystander intervention effective in reducing on-campus violence and seeks to enhance bystander intervention by changing student attitudes, increasing their knowledge and teaching them bystander skills. Those bystander skills include learning the 5 vital steps:
– Notice the event;
– Interpret it as a problem;
– Feel responsible to act;
– Possess the necessary skills to act reasonably for him/her; and
– Intervene safely.
More information about “Every Choice” bystander intervention can be found here:

A third measure combatting sexual assault is “Coaching Boys Into Men” (CBIM) a program primarily focused on high school athletes, teaching them to respect women and that violence never equals strength. Though CBIM began as a media campaign in 2000, it has evolved through the years until its most recent form: a school-based pilot program of the CBIM Coaches Leadership Program, complete with CBIM Playbook and downloadable Coaches Kit. More can be learned about CBIM here:


DO check out “The Green Dot,” which proposes high school implementation of violence prevention training into the curriculum, here:

DO check out “Every Choice” bystander intervention program, found here:

DO check out Coaching Boys Into Men (CBIM), which uses a sports-based program for violence prevention, here:

DON’T allow a lack of funding to stop your search for programs teaching violence prevention, as many of them are free, low-cost or school sponsored.

By Kathy Catanzarite

Source: Kathy Catanzarite – Staff Writer

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