Hellinger v. Farmers Insurance Grp. Inc.

Hellinger v. Farmers Insurance Grp. Inc.Hellinger v. Farmers Insurance Grp. Inc.

Attorney:  Attorney William James Osborne

Area of Law: Insurance Litigation

Date: 01/01/2001

State Filed: California

Settlement: Very Favorable

This is one of the most important decisions regarding insurance law which arose from the Northridge earthquake. The California Legislature extended the statute of limitations for an additional year for all of those homeowners who were unjustly taken advantage of by insurance companies. The insurance industry attempted to challenge the constitutionality of the California Legislature and did so in this case. Our office is proud to have upheld the rights of more than 2,000 Northridge earthquake victims by winning. After the decision by the court of appeal in this case, the insurance company settled this matter for the largest sum of money in its class.