How to Find a Concierge Doctor

20140513_doctorA “concierge doctor” is a primary care physician who charges a fee/retainer to a patient in order to give enhanced care by greater access to the doctor. Concierge medicine (also called “Direct Care” and “Boutique Medicine,” among other terms), ideally reduces a doctor’s patient load and paperwork load, freeing him/her to spend more time caring for each patient. Concierge medicine is a relatively new and small phenomenon in U. S. healthcare and its practice can significantly vary in structure, operation and requirements. However, there are 3 basic types of practices offered: Fee for Care, in which the retainer fee covers most office services, leaving many additional services to be paid separately in cash; Fee for Extra Care, with the same retainer fee arrangement but billing additional services to insurance or Medicare; a hybrid, in which the retainer fee is earmarked for services not covered by insurance or Medicare.

Relatively few doctors currently practice concierge medicine; however, the prospects of a lower case/paperwork load and greater freedom to give less rushed, more thorough care is attracting more personal care physicians to concierge medicine. There are several methods for finding a concierge doctor.
First, your doctor may be modifying his/her practice to concierge medicine.
Secondly, ask others who may be patients of concierge doctors.
Third, use a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo!, and enter “concierge doctor” for your area.
Fourth, use a consulting firm such as:
Concierge Choice Physicians –
SignatureMD –
Depending on insurance situation and preferences, you may deem concierge medicine well worth the money.


DO ask your own doctor if he/she is modifying his/her practice to concierge medicine.

DO locally ask others who may be patients of concierge doctors.

DO use a major search engine such as Google or Yahoo!, enter the term “concierge doctor” for your geographic area.

DO use a concierge consulting firm such as:
a. Concierge Choice Physicians –
b. MDVIP –
c. SignatureMD –

By Kathy Catanzarite

Source: Kathy Catanzarite – Staff Writer

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