The Maggio Law Firm is a well-established Irvine, California divorce and family law firm serving the Orange County and Riverside areas, focusing on individuals, couples and families who have legal concerns including divorce, child custody issues, prenuptial agreements, and stepparent adoptions. We have the experience and ability to provide you a full range of family law services, while ensuring that you receive value for your money.

We aggressively pursue your rights with empathy, skill, and professionalism because we know you want fast and fair results to get on with your life. A lawsuit is the last thing anyone wants to be involved in, which is precisely why we appreciate that there are times when you need knowledgeable and strong legal representation.


  1. We care about our clients.  We don’t look at our clients as a file, but as people who are experiencing a difficult time. We know what our clients are dealing with in their cases and we treat our clients with respect, compassion and a caring attitude. We are more than an attorney-client relationship; we are a team with our clients in their case.
  2. We listen to our clients.  We respect what our clients want and we do not proceed on issues unless we are on the same page with the client. We will provide you with the knowledge you need to make the most informed decision possible and do what’s best for you.
  3. We are honest with our clients.  We don’t make promises or guarantees that we cannot back up. Any attorney who unequivocally guarantees a specific outcome in a case just to get your business is unethical because no attorney can guarantee specific results in a contested case, and if they do, you should walk out of their office.
  4. We bill our clients fairly.  Let’s be realistic – divorce is generally a costly process. There simply are issues that need to be addressed and certain actions that have to be taken in all divorce cases. However, we don’t complicate the divorce process or “manufacture” issues for the sake of churning legal fees. There are some firms and attorneys that do and you would be naïve to think otherwise.
  5. Our clients know we have their best interests in mind. We never push our own agenda either for our own enrichment or because we think we know better than you what is best for you. We have received many testimonials from clients who have appreciated our efforts made on their behalf.  just some of the many testimonials we have received are listed further below and many others are on our website.
  6. We care about what is in our client’s best interests and doing what is right.  We are very experienced with taking cases to trial when necessary. We do so only when settlement is not possible and/or when trial might be in your best interests. However, if settlement is a possibility we always make every effort to do so even if, in the end, settlement means we receive less in legal fees.
  7. Our practice is devoted to family law and divorce matters. We are highly experienced and focused exclusively on divorce and family law matters. We do not seek to be the “jack of all trades” of law, so to speak. We are dedicated to only helping clients with resolving their marital dissolution issues and related family law matters.

We believe that these traits of our divorce and family law firm here in Orange County separate us from other attorneys and law firms. We invite you to experience the difference yourself.


The Maggio Law Firm handles a full range of family law matters including divorce, legal separation, domestic partnerships, paternity cases, child custody and visitation, child support, spousal support, modification of family law orders, division of assets including businesses, domestic violence restraining orders,  stepparent adoptions, and mediations.


Mr. Maggio was the greatest attorney for me and my child. I would recommend him and his firm to everyone who is going through a child custody case. ~ J.G.

I cannot put a price on the advice and wisdom that Gerald Maggio has dedicated to my divorce and now my child custody case. The time, effort and patience that he has shown me on the face of such difficult circumstances are priceless. He has explained every legal matter in detail that otherwise I would be lost. I would make an educated recommendation to anyone that has a legal matter, Mr. Maggio will be there for you. ~ Martha D.

“Gerald Maggio is a terrific lawyer. He was always there when I needed an ear to listen to me, or when I needed to make a decision. Without Mr. Maggio, I am not sure that my case would have had such a wonderful outcome. My daughter’s welfare was in his hands, and I always felt safe and was assured that Gerry would make the right decision. Custody cases can be very ugly and frustrating, but with a lawyer like Mr. Maggio, his clients can feel secure that he always has their best interest at heart. ~ Laura K.

“Words cannot express my appreciation with the job you did for my sister Gloria on her divorce case. Thank you for your extraordinary responsiveness and willingness to help me n every way you could in this case. Your work was crucial since Gloria was suffering with a terminal cancer. Your professionalism, legal experience, compassion and caring for Gloria through her difficult time were admirable and remarkable. I will not hesitate to contact you in the future, or to recommend you to others when the occasion arises.” ~ Elba V.

“All I can say that I appreciate your professionalism, empathy, and consideration in handling my case. You presented an honest approach to my difficult situation. Susan Wright and your staff have wonderful assisting my needs as well. I wish you continued success with helping others achieving amicable solutions.” ~ Omar G.

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did to make this divorce settlement happen quickly you have unbelievable patience and wisdom! You made the complexities of my divorce seem effortless. Your efficiency and knowledge of the law let me just breathe and rest in the confidence of knowing things will be taken care of. You treated me with respect, and at a time in my life when I felt I had lost so much, you reassured me of my strength and gave me opportunities to make my own decisions. You have an amazing ability to exhibit strength in a courtroom while showing compassion to clients. Not to mention you have a great sense of humor that brought light to a typically gloomy situation. Unlike some firms, I did not feel like a case number. It is my hope that I never have to refer my loved ones to a family law divorce law firm, but if I do, The Maggio Law Firm would be the one!

~Tiffany B.

Thanks Gerry, I really appreciate all of your effort, advice and counsel on my divorce. You are the right blend of aggressiveness and client acceptance in decision making. I will definitely recommend you and have you on my call list should I ever need your advice again, although I hope not as you can imagine. ~ Allen V.

Gerald Maggio was a blessing to me. From the very moment I met Gerry, I knew everything would work out I would be okay. That gave me comfort at a time that I was not sure about anything or anyone. During a very difficult season of my life, The Maggio Law Firm was able to give me guidance through many unfamiliar issues, providing me all options, explaining the law as it pertained to me, giving me all the details and then letting me decide how we were going to proceed, assuring me that my wishes would be met to the best of Mr. Maggio’s abilities. My case was not going to make front-page news; as a matter of fact, it was not all that exciting to begin with. I can only hope that Mr. Maggio knows of my heartfelt thank you filled with all the hope and amazement that my life now has in store that would not have happened without all of his help. The qualities that I appreciate most about Mr. Maggio are his honesty and compassion to which he demonstrates in his profession. I was a total stranger but Mr. Maggio made me feel like a friend from the start, not just a file with a case number, which is what I feared it to be like. I could never begin to comprehend the complexity of law and to what degree Mr. Maggio’s role is in to day-to-day. With that said, he provided not only the service to which he was hired but went a step further to make sure that I, the person, was alright too. The experience was one that I will never forget and hope never to repeat. ~ Sherri Y.

Gerry will help you to reach your goals for your case, not only in the court but outside of it too. His guidance on important decisions allow you to feel good about your personal approach toward your case. Snap “revenge” decisions can leave you feeling horrible, but Gerry is always there to keep you heading in the right direction. Never allowing you to let your emotions dictate your case path. I can honestly say that through all of the time I have had Gerry as my attorney I have never been ashamed to look in the mirror because of petty decisions made out of anger in court (believe me there was ample opportunity). Gerry is a great Attorney and a great human being. Add in the fact that he has one of the greatest assistants on the planet, Susan, who I adore, and you have yourself a team who will always make sure you are taken care of. Really they feel more like family than anything. ~K.P.

Gerry Maggio is an excellent Attorney. My case was unique and difficult. He responded to my numerous phone calls and emails. Always quickly and with great advice. Provided great representation in Court. In a time of great stress and personal difficulty he provided sound counsel. If you are seeking someone who will be with you till the end. Look no further. He protected my child and showed great concern. ~P.T.

I have tremendous respect for Mr. Maggio. Divorce is a very difficult time, and not a cut-and dried affair, but Gerald worked closely with me, helped me negotiate a settlement that was equitable to both parties even when the other party was uncooperative. He offered sound advice, and supported me in my decisions even when they went against his advice. He was responsive and easy to work with, and we were able to come to a reasonable conclusion. I heartily recommend his services. ~R.E.

Gerry was a blessing! He was very professional and understanding to my situation. I highly recommend him to any one that needs a dedicated attorney. ~A.C.

After having one attorney not really do much and just show up for my case, and basically not fight for me. it was refreshing to have someone like Gerry to fight in my corner. He explained everything and sought out the best options. He fought for me, and was even sympathetic to my situation. Even after the case was settled, I can still call on him with questions, support, and help. I not only respect him, I recommend him to everyone I know. ~C.R.

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