Alzheimer’s: Another Type of Diabetes?

Alzheimer's: Another Type of Diabetes?Alzheimer’s Disease, a chronic brain disease causing dementia, language problems, disorientation, mood swings, and a host of other disturbing issues, is a frightening prospect. It currently affects more than 5 million Americans and some experts believe the number of sufferers will rise dramatically. Why? Some experts believe that Alzheimer’s Disease is “Type 3 Diabetes” or “Brain Diabetes,” at least partly caused by our fun-filled, sugar-saturated, carbohydrate-crammed American diet.

Recapping some high school Biology classes we skipped to eat at McDonald’s:
– Insulin is released by the pancreas and it’s our friend, performing several important functions, including assisting blood cells and neurons (brain cells) to absorb glucose for energy;

– In Type 1 Diabetes, with which people are born, the immune system kills the pancreas’ insulin-producing cells;

– In Type 2 Diabetes, the blood cells/neurons do not absorb glucose from the blood, either because of too little insulin or insulin-resistance;

– Diet is often a big, fat, sugar-slurping, carbohydrate-loading contributor to Type 2 Diabetes because it causes the blood cells/neurons to become insulin-resistant;

– How do blood cells/neurons become insulin-resistant?
– When you eat sugar, carbohydrates, etc., insulin “tells” your blood cells/neurons to absorb glucose;
– if you keep eating sugar, carbohydrates, etc., your insulin will keep telling your blood cells/neurons to absorb glucose until those blood cells/neurons become fed up with that constant whining!
– Your blood cells/neurons yell to the insulin yammering on the back seat, “Don’t make me stop this car!” and the blood cells/neurons become insulin-resistant;

– Insulin-resistant brain cells result in dementia, memory loss, mood swings…Alzheimer’s Disease;

– There you have it: Alzheimer’s Disease as Type 3 Diabetes.

I know that explanation is grossly simplified, Doctor, but it conveys the basic idea.

The basic idea: our American diet is contributing greatly to our Alzheimer’s Disease and just as our obesity and diabetes numbers have dramatically increased, so will our number of Alzheimer’s sufferers within the next several decades.

By Kathy Catanzarite

Source: Kathy Catanzarite – Writer

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