Scott Peterson wants a new trial

Scott Peterson wants a new trialAfter eight years on death row, convicted killer Scott Peterson wants a new trial. In 2004, Peterson was found guilty of killing his wife Laci and their unborn child Connor.

Peterson’s lawyer, Cliff Gardner, has filed an automatic appeal with the California Supreme Court, alleging that Peterson’s trial was severly flawed by pre-trial publicity, incorrect trial rulings, juror misconduct and other constitutional errors.

Peterson has always maintained his innocence and his appeal to the Supreme Court is no different. Gardner says the massive amount of overwhelming publicity Peterson’s trial received, incorrect evidentiary rulings and other gaffes deprived him of a fair and honest trial. Peterson was convicted in 2004 after a trial his attorney argues surpassed the O.J. Simpson murder trial in terms of publicity.

Peterson claims that Laci was killed sometime after he left their Modesto home the morning of Dec. 24, 2002 to go fishing in the San Francisco Bay. Gardner keenly notes that Peterson was convicted and sentenced to death even though investigators never directly proved “how, where or when” the murder occurred.

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