Sugar Daddies or Johns?

Sugar Daddies or Johns?Sugar babies and sugar daddies have managed to find each other since Methuselah wore short pants. In case you were raised in a convent, a “sugar baby” is typically a young woman who receives cash/gifts from a “sugar daddy,” an older man who enjoys her company, however that enjoyment plays out. It’s deemed – at least by the “sugar couple” – a mutually beneficial arrangement. The Internet’s role in that relationship was recently highlighted in the news.

Name any type of relationship and the internet makes the initial connection easier. Living a while before and after the internet’s dawn, I saw its semi-miraculous networking powers in AOL’s early heyday. One of those connections was the “hookup” (I’ve heard), in which any gender could link with any gender for any activity, usually via euphemistically-named sites. For example, my elderly mother once clicked a link for “pet lovers” and found herself in a bestiality chat room. SURPRISE! Yes, any type of relationship can be easily started on the Internet.

Web sites are now dedicated to hooking up sugar babies with sugar daddies. Just run either term through a major search engine and you will find links aplenty. Proponents of the sites claim this is a way for young women who need support, such as college tuition and rent, to find a reciprocally advantageous relationship with older men who want companionship and want to mentor young women; sex is not essential (uh-huh). Young women can tap into income sources that they have not attained on their own and that pay far better than typical 9-to-5 jobs. Older men can have a youthful companion and control the relationship. Payment arrangements range from per diem to monthly, which supposedly average $3,000 per month. Both parties get what they want from the relationship, so what’s the problem, if any?

Opponents claim the sites are digital pimps for prostitution, which is still illegal in many states. Some authorities maintain that the relationships sought and established by these sites fit many states’ definitions of prostitution. However, the profiles and descriptions are so polite that the official relationships emulate romantic relationships. If the user has two brain cells to rub together, he/she will write a profile saying “SEX FOR CASH. COME AND GET IT!” In fact, administrators of major “sugar baby-sugar daddy” sites claim they monitor to eliminate female escorts peddling their wares (or “underwears”) to keep their sites aboveboard and legal. As a result, DAs are reluctant to prosecute the sites, the sugar babies or the sugar daddies.

Is it pimping or is it companionship? At this point, sugar couples connecting online are given the benefit of the doubt.

By Kathy Catanzarite

Source: Kathy Catanzarite – Staff Writer

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