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After 25 years of collecting one impressive trial win after another, this Newport Beach attorney presides over one of the premier criminal defense practices in the state of California.

At the Law Offices of Mark W. Fredrick, our experienced defense lawyer has consistently displayed dedication and diligence in protecting the rights of his clients in state and federal courts. The hallmark of his reputation is the willingness to take on complex, contentious cases — uphill battles that typically result in victories for justice at trial.
To cite just a few of the criminal law practice areas in which Mr. Fredrick has excelled, these include:

Violent crimes
Drug offenses
White-collar crimes
Drunk driving defense
Sex crimes
“Three strikes” cases
Major felonies
Criminal appeals

Mark W. Fredrick has represented people accused of committing crimes in Orange County and throughout the state of California in countless cases. He will stand up for your rights through your entire case and if you were convicted while represented by someone else, he can handle your appeal.

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