The Do’s and Don’ts of Staying Safe on Vacation

Vacation is an exciting time for everyone. The air is warm, the drinks are cold, and the stresses of daily life feel worlds away. While kicking back and relaxing, it’s easy to lose sight of your safety. Here are a few helpful reminders to keep you safe on your next vacation.

DO be aware of your surroundings.

Criminals prey on lapses in judgement and attention. It’s best to always keep an eye on who is around you and what they are doing. It’s tempting to keep your eyes on the beautiful sunset or waves as they crash against the shore, but make sure you don’t develop vacation tunnel vision. Know where your belongings are at all times and keep them hidden when possible.

DON’T break out the bling bling.

Advertising your economic status with flashy jewelry or clothing while in an unfamiliar place is never wise. It’s best to keep things simple and leave the Cartier and expensive electronics at home when possible.

DO keep a light on.

Light timers can help create the illusion that someone is home while you’re away on vacation. To save energy set your timers to turn on for a few hours in the evening and then shut off automatically.

DON’T let anyone rush you.

If you need to use a calculator to figure out conversion rates, use one. If someone is trying to sell you something and you don’t understand the details, ask them to repeat them again. Con artists and scammers take advantage of you when you are feeling rushed. Always be ready to slow down or walk away, if necessary.

DO enlist a neighbor to keep an eye on your house.

There is no better defense against suspicious activity around your home while you are away than a vigilant neighbor. Develop a relationship with a neighbor you trust, and offer to return the favor when they go away on vacation.

DON’T be an open book online.

We have become a society that is comfortable sharing our every thought and movement online, but this can be very risky when you are away on vacation. Rather than letting the world know that your home is empty and ready to be burglarized, it’s safest to wait until you are home to share those vacation pics. The Internet can wait!

You should be able to let your hair down on vacation, but it’s important to use your common sense and be vigilant. Nothing ruins a beautiful vacation faster than being the victim of a crime. Stay aware, stay safe, and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Source: Nancy Lawrence – Staff Writer

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