The Heros of Franklin Regional

The Heros of Franklin RegionalThese days it seems the news is more interested in focusing on the people committing the crime than the heros who took them down. You do not hear about the police officer that solved the case. You hear about the criminal and what they did.

Franklin Regional Senior High School is proving to be shown in the same light.

Yesterday Alex Hribal a 16 year old student at Franklin Regional Senior High School went on a stabbing spree injuring 19 students, four of which are in critical condition. The motive at the moment is unclear.

What is important is the Assistant Principle Sam King who tackled Alex Hribal stopping the assault. With the assistance of Joan Mellon, and William Yakshe the three were able to subdue the suspect until police arrived.

We as a society should be spending our time focusing on the heroes and not the villains. These men risked their own lives to save others and deserve every bit of praise we can give them, because there is no greater sacrifice.


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